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I’m finally putting together a travel diary from our amazing trip to Tuscany! We had been to a few parts of this region before but it was the first time we had time to drive around and just explore the beautiful scenery. I highly recommend renting a car if you travel to Tuscany! One of the highlights was staying at the incredible La Foce for part of the trip while photographing a wedding there. The landscape and architecture were simply amazing and we felt so fortunate to have called it “work”. Another favorite part of Tuscany were when we found the endless sunflower fields right at sunset and just in time to catch the perfect golden light. From rows and rows on, it was an incredible sight to see and capture.

Finally another favorite part of our trip was of course – all of the delicious Italian meals we ate. We tried a local pasta called pici and it was delicious. We had pici at one of our favorite restaurants in Italy called Osteria Acuacheta where you also have to get the bistecca floretina steak. The waiters will bring out a large, raw chunk of meat to show you what you will be eating and then it’s cooked to perfection. Our whole steak dinner with pasta, wine, and dessert for 5 people was under $100. And did I mention we ate a lot of gelato?! At least one serving per day was essential ;).

Here are some photos with related outfit links from our trip. If you want to see the exact location of the shot, head over to my Instagram where I geotagged each photo.

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I am turning 1 year older today and as I do every year, I take today to look back on all that has happened before today. This past year has been truly incredible – from enjoying all of the wonderful moments with my amazing husband, traveling to so many incredible places (like the beautiful La Foce in Tuscany), finding a more fulfilling work/life balance and reaching so many goals for my dream of an online shop. I feel like we’ve done so much in such a short time, but it also feels like so much time has passed and there is still yet so much to do. I consider myself an endless dreamer – always envisioning that there’s more ahead. Maybe I’m overambitious, an overachiever as you might say. I like the road more difficult to travel and at this old age (really don’t ask how old), I’m surprised I’m not tired. I feel blessed everyday that I have so many opportunities and blessings in my life. I am very excited for what this year will bring and hope for strength to live everyday to the fullest and without regret. Thanks to everyone who continue to support my blog and believe in me!

I wanted to share these images today because I remember feeling so incredibly lucky the day we arrived at La Foce in Tuscany. We were in awe of what a beautiful place it was and how blessed our jobs of destination wedding photographers had taken us here. Even though my hubs is one heck of a photographer, I feel like these photos don’t even do this place justice. From the scenery to the landscaping to the estate itself, everything was stunning and straight out of a movie. The wedding, couple and guests were amazing and we can’t wait to share those images on our wedding photography site. We had some downtime after the wedding and I got to twirl around the grounds in one of my favorite new maxi dresses from Morning Lavender. I loved this dress so much that I kept both navu and white versions of the dress AND paid my amazing tailor to alter them to fit me perfectly. I raised the shoulders a bit to bring the overall length to my petite height and added a snap button on the front to keep cleavage to a minimum. I am just obsessed with the flowiness of the dress plus the billowy sleeves, gold buttons and gorgeous floral print.

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When packing for our Eurotrip, I knew I wanted to bring some of my favorite feminine pieces as we are visiting some of the most romantic, picturesque spots in Europe. After Tuscany, we traveled to Lake Garda in Northern Italy. The area is stunning with lake and mountain views and our resort Villa Feltrinelli was out of this world. I will be sharing more about the hotel in a later post but for now I wanted to share this pretty black and white look that stands out with the gorgeous colorful backdrop of the hotel. I love the fullness of white tulle skirt and I love that whenever I wear a tulle skirt, I just feel extra feminine. It’s just a great way to make a statement anywhere you go!

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