by Kim Le

The hubs and I have been busy decorating our new home (woohoo!). It’s our first time as homeowners (we feel so grown up) and unfortunately for the hubs I have fallen in love with almost everything from Target’s home decor section. They have so many affordable and stylish pieces in my favorite mix of glam, gold and neutrals. I tell the hubby “at least it’s not pink, fluffy and lacey?”. And “at least I’m not spending it on shoes…yet…” I think he’s learned the term “happy wife, happy life” =).

I may have purchased some or all of these items =P – click on the photos below to find out more details on each piece! And don’t forget the Target RedCard gets you FREE SHIPPING and 5% off your order! Just remember to monitor your credit card activity for any suspicious transactions =).

Can’t wait to share photos of finished rooms…we just have to finish them first! LOL!


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